5 ways to improve your photo taking skills when it comes to your little ones

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Whether you’ve got some high end equipment or you’re using your iphone these tips and tricks are sure to take your photo taking skills up to the next level so you can get some great photos of your kiddos.

1) Go outside! If you want to get some smiles of your kiddos, and not the forced kind (or as a sweet mama refers to as Jack-O-Lantern faces) they are going to need is space. Happy kiddos need some room to run, things around them that aren’t breakable, and some confident-building-wins am I right? After they jump off that log, tell them they they’re awesome at jumping! Then capture that face. If you're forced to stay inside like I was for our snow photoshoot make sure to use natural outside lighting from a large window or sliding door.

2) Put the sun behind your subject and take the photos around 1-2 hours before the sun goes down. It’s all in the lighting! Well, and a lot of other stuff, but lighting is definitely crucial!

3) Give them something fun to do that you won’t mind in the pictures. White feather party? How cool! Gold balloon party? You’re killin’ it mama! Blowing bubbles anyone? Smiles all around for sure. Stay away from food, because no one ever looks good when chomping on a animal cracker. Even at weddings, us professional photographers say peace out ✌🏻 when the bride and groom sit down to grub. Save the snack incentives for afterwards!

4) Do you have certain poses in mind for your littles ones?? Show them the picture of what you’re thinking. Use silly language when moving their twinkle toes together so their legs are straight out in front of them when they’re sitting. Bring a stuffed animal assistant to catch a few shots of them on your head. Show your little ones what you just captured so they can be involved in the process and can get on board with your vision.

5) One of my favorite sayings to catch even the most illusive little eyes towards my camera is: “do you want this?” Okay, maybe I’m mean, because I definitely don’t have anything to give them- but hey, even a two year old can’t help but lock their eyes with you just for a moment for you to snap that photo. Heads up though, it only works a couple times so only pull it out when you’ve got your favorite pose already lined up!

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