Brand New Privacy Provision

I am introducing a game changing privacy policy for all my clients.

These photos are yours, not mine. Let me explain.

Photographer's have something called a model release which has the client consent to photos that are taken of them to be used to make advertisements, post onto social media, and use on their website.

I am giving up my right to use your family's portraits from here on out. In addition to having beautiful photos of their family, I believe that my clients should first and foremost be given the right to their own privacy.

Social media is still a relatively new beast, but I feel the strength in my convictions regarding this matter to pave the moral way in my field to protect my clients in a territory still uncharted and devoid of boundaries.

This is for you police officers- and your families- that wish to keep their virtual footprint limited.

This is for the mama's to be waiting to announce their pregnancy to their families afar through these internet waves.

This is for the family that wants to share their photos in a special way during a special time.

This is for those who have private reasons that I don't know, nor do I need to, for why you want to keep you, your children, and your loved ones from being blasted onto social media, on a page you don't run, public to everyone.

Life is complicated. Family situations are complicated. Relationships come together and sometimes end. A picture has a thousand words, and conjures a lot of emotions. I'd never want to be what is gained in the use of your photo to cost you in emotional currency.

I feel the best way to serve my clients is by putting myself into all of your shoes, or at least try to understand. What would I want for my family? How would I feel respected?

I'm so thankful for the gracious and patient requests of those who have gone before this post. Thank you for asking. Thank you for allowing things to be uncomfortable to fight for something that should already be yours.

The path is a uncharted and rocky in how to traffic business under these client provisions, but I believe that human decency, respect and love is a greater force than social media. Feeling loved can still communicate louder than your beautiful family's photo. That's what I'm relying on with the help of God's strength to push through and "love one another" even when there may be a cost to me and more effort on my part.

These photographs that we take together are wholly your photos.

If you would like to "gift back" your favorite photo to me to use as advertisement to bless my business, that gift will be well received, but never should you feel obligated.

Whether it's your favorite and you'd like to tell my business' headlines why that moment was so special to you and how it makes you feel, or you'd like to gift back the whole session to be used to blog on my site- the choice is yours. Thank you for doing life with me, and allowing me to capture all your beauty!

I am your photographer.

These are your photos.


Kaitlin Elliott

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