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Meet Amanda, a photographer in the Half Moon Bay community who shoots engagements, maternity, and children milestones. I think there is no greater time than right now to spotlight someone who is serving their family and their community well with their gifts and talents. Amanda was very generous to answer a few questions for me to share along with the photos I took of her family back in the fall. I hope you enjoy her journey and her wisdom she's learned along the way. Whether you are a fellow mama or an aspiring business owner may you be encouraged, inspired, equipped and connected. If you are ever in the Half Moon Bay area, book a session with her by her Instagram @AmandaHeathPhotography or her website AmandaHeathPhotography.com

Amanda has been in business for a little over two years. She started her business much in the same way I did. As a preschool teacher! She writes, "I’ve always loved photography! Prior to being a stay at home mama I was a preschool teacher. I loved taking photos of the children. I would make slideshows that would make parents teary eyed! I loved putting prints of photos on walls and bulletin boards. The children loved chatting about the pictures during snack time and loved showing their parents at pick up! Once I became a stay at home I decided to switch gears a little and begin capturing precious moments like engagements, maternity, and children milestones!"

Who inspired you the most during your beginning months or years as a entrepreneur?

Definitely my baby girl! She was so fun to photograph as a baby! I have so many wonderful photos I get to cherish forever now!

What is a podcast that you love to listen to and why?

I’m not big on podcasts! I do love relaxing (especially during quarantine) to tv shows! Motherhood related ones like Little Fires Everywhere, Big Little Lies, Working Moms are my go to!

What has helped you juggle the balance of motherhood and business life the most?

Schedule and routine! Keeping my daughter on a schedule and day-to-day routine has paid off in every way possible!

What is your biggest support system?

My husband! He has supported me Every step of the way!

What is one parenting book, product, or resource (website, instagram account, etc.)  that you'd love to recommend?

I absolutely love @montessoriinreallife on Instagram. Around the time my daughter was turning one I began the Montessori approach in our home. This account is such an inspiration!

What is something you've learned along the way as a parent that you wish you could go back and tell yourself when you were pregnant?

That time really does go SO FAST! The last couple months my husband and I have been reminiscing every night once we put our daughter to bed. She was just our baby the other day! Everyday she is learning something new and it is such an incredible experience to watch.

What is something you've learned along the way as an entrepreneur you wish you could go back and tell yourself as a beginning business owner?

Oh this is a tricky question! Honestly, it would be to say “no”. I know that sounds a little silly but it is something my best friend often has to remind me! As a photography sometimes I get clients who want to meet..say...At Crissy Field at 3 in the afternoon in the middle of summer. It’s the only time that works for them and they have their heart set on the location! I want to provide my client with the best product I can give them. They see One of my Instagram posts of the location they want at sunset and have that vision for themselves. So saying no doesn’t mean that I don’t WANT to do what the client has envisioned or their heart set on but instead it’s about making sure I can deliver the best images possible. It ensures that they will love seeing the photograph that is on the wall of their home.

What is one goal you have for yourself as a mama this year?

Just cherish every moment!

What is one business book, product, or resource (website, instagram account, etc.)  that you'd love to recommend?

I am honestly so appreciative of Instagram! It has been such a wonderful resource to connect with other local photographers, To connect with clients and watch their families grow, and to promote my business!

What is one goal you have for yourself as a business owner this year?

Actually, it’s to connect with more locals! Half Moon Bay is such a tight knit community! Every local family and couple I’ve captured is a BLAST. They are ready to jump in the ocean water or frolic Into the unknown (I’ve been watching a lot of Frozen 2). Locals are always up for a wild adventure and I absolutely love it!

What has been key for you in the past with achieving your goals?

Knowing my limits and staying organized. Fall mini sessions are my busiest months! Promoting in summer, setting limits, setting time aside for my family, and staying organized allows me a good work flow!

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