Meet Brittany

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

It's no surprise to me, now looking back, that my first introduction to Brittany was as my table leader, because a leader is exactly what she is. She is an encourager and a leader to so many women, and I have been blessed to be one of those on the receiving end of that. She loves to explore all the adventure that this life holds and with two littles in hand no less.

Liam Israel is her 3 year old. Being one of the oldest in our group he leads the pack of our boys to jump to new heights and run wild and free with their shirts off! He is such a joy to be around, and what's even better is hearing his mama's heart as she navigates motherhood with a calm spirit aiming his passion and energy in all the right ways.

Bren Wallace is her little girl of 18 months old. She emulates, like a little star, the same brightness her mama holds. She loves animals and little critters so much mama is afraid she's going to bring her a black widow one day!

I think as all moms we are constantly trying to balance that protection from harm with the freedom to learn with our littles. We're doing this at all ages, just in different ways. This is something I have admired about my friend Brittany and the way she mamas! She does a fabulous job at this balancing act and you can tell her kids are happy little beneficiaries from all her hard work.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Brittany a little bit more through her words of wisdom and the photos we got to take together.

"Being a planner, some how I feel like God has been gracious in letting motherhood arrive as I’d imagined."


If I could only give three things in life to my child they would be: #1 Love #2 A humble spirit #3 Work ethic
What three things about your routine that make it work? #1 Coffee. #2 Getting outside. #3 Sharing life with friends.

What is your favorite thing to do with your kiddos? Tickle parties, just hearing those laughs.

What is something long term that you want for your child? I want them to have a life-long passion and vision for the eternity we will spend with our Lord.

In seeking advice about raising an energetic son from a family friend, he said “aim it”. It’s tempting to want to pacify Liams energy when I have things to do. I am striving to grow my habit of guiding Liam’s intensity towards greatness.

Favorite Current Song? No Diggity, Chet Faker’s remix

What is the battle your fighting with your kiddos right now? Liam, my wild man knows how to get me riled. I am fighting the internal battle of staying Calm. Cool. Collected. Cheery. I see the dividends of good leadership on the days I manage my own self-discipline.

Favorite Product? California Baby Tea Tree Oil. A couple drops on the floor of that hot shower, yes please!

Favorite clutch recipe or easy treat for kids? “Recipe” would imply an element of planning …. how about we throw some cinnamon on those apple slices and call it gourmet.

What is your favorite local business? SR Technologies Computers and Networks, I’m not inclined to hand over my laptop to just anyone but Chris Moore and his team have my full endorsement.

What energizes you the most? Trail running, which has been the thing I miss most with small children. My Littles are coming for it though. I once heard a child can hike as many miles as they are old, reasonable expectations for little legs.

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