Meet Dr. Mommy

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Mama to three girls, doctor, and master in management (of chaos, as all mama's are!) Erin shares with us her secrets to success as she navigates motherhood. Taking her portraits for me was as fun as it was a lesson in the letting go, the savoring of the season, and the exposition of the unbridled beauty that is mothering. I love that our session took place in a flower field because this mam deserves ALL the bouquets! I hope you enjoy getting to know Erin as much as I did and walk away inspired to fulfill all the joy in your own motherhood story.

I actually found out I was pregnant with Kate right after I was admitted to the doctoral program at CSU Stanislaus. After talking it over with my husband, we decided I would continue in the program and we would just take it one class at a time. By the time I graduated three years later we had three kids three and under! My favorite memory of graduation was my kids holding up a sign that said, “We love our Dr. Momma!”

What is something you want long term for your child:

To discover the thing they are passionate about and willing to fight for.

What is your favorite thing to do with your kiddos:

I love to pretend with them. Whether it's rock band, rocket ship, restaurant, etc. Playing at the park and a late night family movie are great too!

Favorite Local Business:

DustBowl—our favorite date spot!

What song do you have on repeat right now:

Hunger (Florence + The Machine)

Favorite Product for you:

Cetaphil Cream—I’m not kidding. That stuff works miracles on this momma’s dry skin!

Favorite Product for baby:

Cetaphil Cream—I first learned about this product from our pediatrician.

Favorite Clutch Recipe:

Anything premade by Costco!

Parenting advice:

When your kids ask you to play with them, do it. Put down the dishes and the laundry. The dishes and the laundry will be there in 30 years, but by then your littles won’t be asking you to play.

If you could only pick three things in life for your child, what would they be:

Love, peace, and knowledge.

What three things about your routine make it work:

My husband, planning ahead, my husband!

What are the ages of your kiddos:

4, 3 and 3.

What energizes you the most:

What energizes me the most is a day hanging with my tribe. The kids love all their kid friends and the parents enjoy a break too.

What is the battle you are fighting with your kids right now:

Picking up toys after they are done playing. Any tips? ;)

Special thank you to Wild Blooms Flower Farm in Ripon, California for opening up their property and for growing such beautiful flowers for us to enjoy!

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