Meet mama Amiee

Motherhood is hard and challenging in so many ways and so beyond rewarding at the same time. I cannot believe Logan is already two and we are getting ready to meet our newest addition any time now! - Amiee

I first met Amiee and her hubby Travis when they were expecting their first son Logan. I've gotten to know them through the years, and been given the blessing of capturing the biggest moments of their parenting journey. I was going to fill Amiee's motherhood spotlight with all the photos from our last session, but I thought what a great way to show their complete journey by starting from the beginning and finishing at the present. Thank you Amiee for the honor of knowing you, your family, and capturing seasons of your life that go by way too quickly!

My awesome husband Travis and I got married June 29th, 2013 in Hickman, California. We decided we wanted to wait a couple of years before starting a family. Two years later, when I was just starting my second semester at California State University of Stanislaus, I found out I was pregnant! I was a little overwhelmed at first because I was still finishing my degree but so excited at the same time. Even though we were planning to start trying for a baby, I didn't totally expect how fast it would all go once we started trying.

My first pregnancy was a breeze. I was able to continue going to school and April 26th 2016 Logan Todd was born. After I had Logan, with a lot of help from grandparents during school days, I was able to finish my degree in Kinesiology Exercise with a science concentration.

Being in school with a little one brought its challenges but I am so glad that I pushed through and finished. Since graduating, I have made the decision to stay at home full time raising Logan. Part of me feels guilty I'm not using my degree yet, but I know I will in the future, and home is where I need to be right now.

Going from full-time student to stay at home mama was a difficult transition in some ways. Don't get me wrong! I love being home with my son. But for the last ten years I was either working or going to school and now I'm structuring my days around a little one at home. One great thing I learned in college is just keep swimming (wait, I think that was Dory! lol). Or just keep trying and getting back on the horse so to speak. If something doesn't work, get back up and try something else. I have to really remind myself of this a lot at times. So I keep doing my best I can in this motherhood journey and it's not always perfect but I'll just keep swimming!

October of 2017 we found out we were pregnant with our second! I was met with another non-complicated pregnancy and we were all thrilled to find out Logan was going to have a little brother! What hasn't been the easiest is feeling like an emotional mess far more than I did with my first pregnancy! This could be because I have had less going on to keep my mind occupied and am already taking care of a little one. Whatever the reason, it's been different, and that's okay. It's challenging me to not let my thoughts and emotions totally control me. Easier said than done in pregnancy sometimes, am I right?!

One of my favorites things this pregnancy has been seeing Logan and Travis both getting excited together for our new baby. I am so thankful for God's grace, strength, and peace that He offers because I would be lost without it.

Favorite product for mama: I love all the DōTERRA essential. I can't pick just one but the balance oil is one of my favorites!

Favorite product for baby: Milk Snob nursing covers! So amazing!!

Favorite Cluth Recipe: Lately, it has been this hibachi style chicken... and really all of the Defined Dish's Recipes

What energizes you the most: Working out, running, movement and music!

What battle are you fighting with kids right now: nap time and bedtime has been a battle lately. As well as some defiance and back talking (got to love two year olds!).

What single piece of advice has stuck with you about parenting: I think it would be don't compare yourself to other moms. I'm going to do things differently than how someone else might do it and that's okay! This is sometimes a real challenge for especially with Facebook and Instagram showing me so many great mamas' moments. I compare my tougher moments with their best moments, which isn't a fait comparison to say the least. Each kid is unique and comparing parenting will only steal your joy!

If you could pick only 3 things in life for your child what would they be:

They would be to 1) love and follow Jesus 2) be strong and kind 3) and be able to find joy in everything.

What three things about your routine make it work?

1. Meal planning the whole week!It helps a ton to have a plan for dinner especially when the day gets crazy and I get tired. Sometimes I keep it super simple stuff and occasionally change it, but even still, i can’t tell you how helpful it is to at least have a plan.

2. Grandparents have Logan a few days a week which I really helpful for me to get things done and rest if I need it

3. Scheduling out what house hold chores I need to do each day of the week helps me (mostly) stay on track and ahead of things. However lately, it’s been off in the routine of doing that haha cuz life!

Favorite things to do with kiddos: Swimming or going to the park. I am able to really be present and enjoy my time at those places.

Ages of kiddos: 2 years old and 37 weeks pregnant (due July 11! ☺️)

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