New Year Financial Tips for Moms and the Masses

January 31, we can still sneak in some New Years thoughts and ambitions right??

Back in the beginning of December I was thinking and planning ahead for all the things I wanted for 2019.

-More organization: thanks Netflix for brining Marie Kondo to answer that one!

-More of a consistent schedule with my little ones.

-More discipline in my finances...

For that last one I called up my awesome sister who has blazed the trail with her economical ways. I asked her to summarize 10 ways to save and maximize your dollar- especially as a mama with little ones. She wrote up this gem of a list for me.

I hope these encourage and help you as much as they did me! Sometimes it's the littlest things that make the most difference when done well over a long period of time.

Side note: my sister's writing cracks me up! I just love her. Fun fact that still cracks me up about her- she put a bumper sticker on her gigantic mom car that says "I used to be cool." She's still the coolest person I know though ;)

Okay here we go!

New Year Financial Tips for Moms and the Masses

1. Join or create an online Swap & Shop with local friends.

I’ve found this is a great resource for all those gadgets and baby toys that are used for only a short time as our littles grow. Sell for super cheap to friends or for free and keep passing all that baby shower goodness around. My five year old is always happy to get that gently loved bike, lego, racecar set, etc. You’ll save hundreds!

2. Stick to a shopping list:

Keep a notepad on your counter through the week and each time an item gets low or runs out add it to the list! (Bonus points if you can get your kids and spouse to do it too!) Try to cut your trips to the store to two or even one a week, and DON’T GO OFF THAT LIST! You’ll walk out with a new sense of accomplishment when you didn’t buy that thing at Target you really didn’t need anyway.

3. Try “30 Days No Eating Out.” It will be a great way to reset your health AND food budget for the New Year.

4. Reevaluate monthly subscriptions. Amazon, Netflix, FitFabFun, wine club, jelly club, pet of the month club….it’s all gotten a little out of hand. While they are fun, that $20 or $80 a month can really add up! Total up all your subscriptions and decide if they still make sense for your budget.

5. Shop when you get paid! Fill up cars with gas, pay all bills that are due between now and your next paycheck, buy the bulk of your groceries, that thing you need for yourself or kids, that present for that party next week, etc. Think ahead! The bulk of your cash will be gone then, but you’ll have everything you NEED. You’ll think twice about buying that big ticket item before the next payday.

6. Consider buying “all season” clothes. This is one I’ve recently been introduced to. I’ve bought so many “spring color only” or “vacation only” items and they just sit for most of the year! Consider the actual yearlong use an item will give you before purchasing.

7. Stop going to Starbucks.

You still there?

Expensive coffee is a treat. Not a need. If you went to Starbucks every OTHER day this year for a grande vanilla latte, you’ll spend $757. Get a scone too? Oh, that’s over $1200. Grab a pound of quality ground coffee and brew at home, and then buy yourself a new couch at the end of the year.

8. Consider an electric car! If you live on the West Coast there are federal, state and local CASH back incentives to make this purchase feasible for most budgets. Concerned about the 90 mile per charge limitation? Do the math on how many miles you’re actually driving each day. An all-electric is a great second car option.

9. Have your employer do the saving FOR you! Many companies will match your investment contributions and even split money into multiple accounts. Don’t be afraid to ask at work! Open a savings account at a bank you don’t frequent and have $XX sent there every paycheck. You’ll never have the chance to spend the cash and you’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up!

10. Stop using credit cards. Today. Unless your one of those impressive people who pay them off EVERY month, those airline miles probably aren’t really saving you any money.

Aren't those awesome?! Thanks sis!!

What are some of the ways you've maximized your dollar while managing your household with littles?

I'd love to hear your tidbits of experience!

Me and my sissy's on a really windy day a couple years ago!

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