the beginning of End of Endo

"One moment at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time, we will remove what barriers we can and help to renew hope." - Holly Sanneman

Holly is a world changer! She has used the literal pain of her past to bring health and healing to the women that will reap the benefits of a non-profit called- The American End of Endo Project.

I am thankful to have met her and hear her story. I am inspired by her ambition to help others reach answers that took her a journey of 15 years (riddled with pain and expensive mis-led doctor treatments) to find for herself. Her aim is to "introduce sufferers to things that might make their lives as joyful and magnificent as they should be."

I hope you are encouraged by her business story and gain new insights into this terrible disease that affects 8-10 million women in the US alone, and more importantly, support Holly and all the work she is doing to see less women suffer and more of them have the answers they need to change their lives for the better!

“The American End of Endo Project endeavors to help women and girls suffering from endometriosis by removing common barriers that often prevent them from receiving the best possible care currently available.”

I founded AEEP in 2017 after finally being able to enjoy remission from endometriosis after suffering from it for years. I went through a lot trying to find help and thought I was alone for a long time. When I finally found the help I needed, I realized how many millions of people are dealing with the same condition and the same barriers to seeking some of today’s best treatments. There is no guaranteed cure for the one in ten women who have it, but certain things can give a person a great shot at remission. Those things are not well-advertised, even by most doctors. I’ve been pain free for a couple of years now and I love sharing with others how they could get to this point also.

When I realized there was such a “bald spot” in the world of endometriosis care, I decided to jump in to work on fixing it. There’s that saying, “be the person you needed when you were younger”, so that’s the idea.

I have always been attracted to nonprofit work about things for which I am passionate. It’s exciting to see our work helping people’s lives change so drastically for good. It can be really fulfilling. American End of Endo Project is my vindication for the years and years of misery I endured. It’s really exciting to see it all have “a purpose” and help people with this.

I have a bachelors degree in Leadership Studies with an emphasis in business and previously worked for a nonprofit. I also work as a wedding coordinator and love doing that as well, but my passion and focus have shifted because of how much this condition has affected my life and how much better I feel nowadays.

What three things help you overcome obstacles in your business? Prayer, my husband’s sound advice, and forcing myself to keep moving. If ever I hit something that seems like a dead end I eventually try to get to a point where I’m like “no, discouragement is just a distraction”. I know from experience that if I can force myself to keep pushing, something great is usually right around the corner.

What do you want to see your business doing in 15 years? I want our organization to do so well that it eventually puts itself out of business because we've made such a difference and we are no longer necessary. I hope that in 15 years it is easy to be diagnosed with endo and easy to find good treatments- hopefully even a guaranteed cure. If this isn’t worldwide by then but only in the US, I hope we can replicate the mission elsewhere. This condition is torturous and ridiculous. I don’t want to stop until there is literally an end of endo.

What is the next level/step for your business? We’re working on a web video series currently and look forward to launching some exciting new programs. Our main focus right now is creating and distributing educational materials that are easy to find and easy to understand. We want to reach people who are at the beginning of their “endo journey” who might not even know they have it yet.

What do you need to take that next step? Fundraising and getting more awesome people to join our “Endo Squad”. We really need to grow our team and finances in order to make it all happen.

What is your favorite local company that serves your business? Accent Printing! They’ve been great to us and have done an awesome job on our print needs.

What brings inspiration to your business? I am inspired when I read what people with endometriosis are going through right now. Patient forums, social media groups, and our own “Voices of Endo” campaign on Instagram and Facebook fires me up. I hear the struggles and the confusion people are dealing with and it inspires me to keep going and gives me new ideas.

Holly Sanneman

Founder & President, AEEP

c. 707.494.5053

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